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​​​​Announcements for  the Fifth Sunday of Easter , 14 May, 15 May 2022

​​​Announcements for The Fifth Sunday of Easter
As we said in the Greeting, our Second Collection is for the 2022 Spring Combined Collection.
 The Combined Collection will support the following ministries: Catholic Relief Services
Catholic Communication Campaign Peter’s Pence Catholic Campaign for Human Development
We have all heard the saying “the family that prays together, stays together.” Please join us on Thursday, June 16th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM for a showing about Fr. Patrick Peyton, the Rosary Priest. Father Peyton began his Family Rosary Program on the radio 75 years ago, this year. We are continuing to meet every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 to Pray a Rosary through the Intercession of our Blessed Mother as well as Saints from Ukraine and Afghanistan & for peace in the world. We encourage all of you to join us as often as you can. We hope to see you there.  The Blessed Sacrament Scrip Program has merchant gift cards for sale. There are over a dozen different vendors to choose from. You can purchase Scrip on the patio after Mass, at the Church Office, or securely online through the Blessed Sacrament website. For each Scrip Gift Card purchase, the Church receives a percentage from that sale. We are looking for volunteers to sell Scrip after each Mass. Contact Joel Klink at (760) 910-1205 if you are interested. We thank you for supporting the Blessed Sacrament Scrip Program.  As a reminder, our announcements are posted to the door of the church office, on the bulletin board on our patio, and on the Blessed Sacrament Website.
Our Ushers will continue to dismiss us at the end of Mass, from the back to the front.  [Special Speaker, if Corinne is Present] Today, we welcome Corinne Dobler. Corinne will speak to us regarding Food for Life by Blessed Sacrament Volunteers. Thank you, Corinne.  


Greeting for Fifth Sunday of Easter, 14 May, 15 May 2022 
Greeting for The Fifth Sunday of Easter, Good Afternoon/Morning and Welcome to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community. This weekend we celebrate The Fifth Sunday of Easter with our Celebrant Father Eliseus.  As we said last weekend, our Second Collection is The Spring Combined Collection. “Supporting ministries via the Spring Combined Collection is our opportunity to put our faith in action. When you answer the call, you build up the Church so that it will continue to minister to all for generations to come.” - Bishop Alberto Rojas. Spring Combined Collection donation envelopes are at the end of each pew. Please prayerfully consider supporting this year’s 2022 Spring Combined Collection as an act of mercy and charity.   
Our Ushers will continue to direct us during Holy Communion beginning with those in the front pews. Please Maintain the 3ft. distance, and remember to use hand sanitizer before you leave your seat.  Those of us receiving Communion on the tongue please remain seated until directed by an Usher to come forward. 
The Ushers will continue to dismiss us beginning with the pews at the back of the church.
Our collective quiet moments before Mass are an opportunity for reflection and silent prayer. The Lord is constantly laboring to love us and speak to us. In order for Him to enter more fully into our lives, both time and space are needed. He indeed gives us that time and space before Mass. Please take full advantage of this tremendous gift of quiet reflection and silent prayer. 


Mass Intentions for The Fourth Sunday of Easter
Mass Intentions for The Fifth Sunday of Easter
For the safety and protection of our servicemen and women deployed overseas, especially in the neighboring countries of Ukraine. For our Police Men and Women who protect us, for all First Responders and Firemen, and all those experiencing war and violence.  Let us pray to the Lord.
May 14th 4:30 PM
We Pray for Healing for Stephen Wood, Jessie Fleishman and Lindynn Utiaga We Pray for the Bowman and Kirschinger Families
May 15th 8:00 AM
We Pray for the Repose of the Souls of: Regina Ogaldez, Carlos Peña and Patty Burns, 
May 15th 10:30 AM
We Pray for the Repose of the Souls of:  Fortunato Dela Cruz, Sr. and Antonia Dela Cruz, Yvette Whidbee and Joan Miller
We Pray for Healing for Mary Nishioka and Ted Rosenthal
We Pray for the Conversion of the Miller family
For all the intentions that we hold in the silence of our hearts
let us pray to the Lord.