Announcements for The Third Sunday of Lent 02 - 03 Mar 2024

​Announcements for The Third Sunday of Lent Second Collection for Maintenance and Education. On Sunday, March 10th, Daylight Savings time begins. Don’t forget to
move your clocks ahead. The next Young Adult Dinner is Saturday, March 9th. The High School Youth Group will be moving its time to each Wednesday during April at 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM to accommodate our members on the Swim Team.  We’d like to thank the Men's Fellowship and Altar Servers Ministries for hosting Stations of the Cross last Friday. Don’t forget, Eucharistic
Adoration and Stations of the Cross will be held each Friday evening until Friday, March 29th
. Eucharistic Adoration will be from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Stations of the Cross will be from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Blessed Sacrament will not have a Lenten Penance Service during this
Lenten Season and Confession will not be available on Saturday, March 30th. Father reminds us to use the opportunities for reconciliation during Confession each Saturday at 3:30 PM. If you are
unable to come for Confession on a Saturday, you may schedule an appointment with Father during Business Hours during the week. We are currently accepting donations for floral arrangements to
enhance the beauty of our Easter Celebrations at Blessed Sacrament this year. You can find special Floral Donation envelopes conveniently placed in the pews and at the back of the church. If you wish to contribute to the Floral Arrangements, kindly provide the name of a loved one you would like to receive a special blessing. Their name will be included on the floral arrangements placed on the Altar during our Easter celebrations. Your generosity will add a meaningful touch to this joyous occasion.
[READ AT 4:30 PM MASS ONLY] This evening, “Hospitality to Go” is available in honor of our March Birthdays and Anniversaries. Please take home one of our packaged desserts. There are both sugar and sugar-free items available. For more Church events and announcements, please see the weekly bulletin or visit the Blessed Sacrament Website. Birthday & Anniversary Blessings​



Greetings for The Thired Sunday in Lent 02 - 03 Mar 2024 

Greeting for The Third Sunday of Lent, Good Afternoon/Morning and Welcome to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community.
This weekend we celebrate The Third Sunday of Lent with our
Celebrant Father Eliseus. Second Collection for Maintenance and Education.
Our Readings for this weekend are on pages 122 through 129 in English and Spanish. Today’s Mass includes the following intentions. [SEE OVER]
As you enter the Sanctuary in silence with reverence, please remember
to silence your cell phone and use this precious time for quiet
reflection and silent prayer.​​

Mass Intentions for The Third Sunday of Lent  

Mass Intentions for The Third Sunday of Lent. We Pray for the protection of the public servants of our community, locally and across the globe. For relief and resolution for those experiencing the catastrophic effects of war and violence. For the homeless, outcasts, and downtrodden of our community and nation, and for churches and families who offer them refuge and compassion. Let us pray to the Lord.  We Pray that our elect may ponder the work of God in their hearts and savor its meaning more fully day by day, let us pray to the Lord: We Pray that the elect my sincerely reject everything in their lives that is displeasing and contrary to Christ, let us pray to the Lord:
Saturday March 2 nd 4:30 PM
We Pray for Birthday Blessings for Tom Dehner
We Pray for healing for Beverly Collard
Sunday March 3rd 8:00 AM
We Pray for Heavenly Birthday Blessings for JoAnn Schmitt
We Pray for healing for Beverly Collard Sunday March 3rd 10:30 AM
We Pray for the repose of the soul of Joan Miller
We Pray for the conversion of the Miller Family
We Pray for healing for Beverly Collard
For all the intentions that we hold in the silence of our hearts.
(15 Seconds)
Let us pray to the Lord.