Greeting for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  28 - 20 January 2023
​Greeting for The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Good Afternoon/Morning, and Welcome to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community. This weekend we celebrate The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time with our Celebrant Father Eliseus. Welcome back, Father Eliseus!  No Second Collection.  
Our readings for this weekend are on pages 84 to 87 in English and Spanish.
Today’s Mass includes the following intentions.
Prepare your hearts and minds for receiving the Blessed Sacrament.
Mindfully gift others with the opportunity for prayer and quiet
reflection. Take advantage of this peaceful time to reflect and pray
before Mass.

Announcements for The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

​​​​Announcements for  The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time No Second Collection.
On February 3rd, First Friday Mass will be celebrated at 9:00 AM.
We have received 2023 assigned, numbered offertory envelopes. You may pick them up
after Mass, in the back of the church.  
Blessed Sacrament is grateful for your ongoing donations and generosity. If you would
like a copy of your annual donations for Tax purposes, you may call the Church Office
during regular business hours. Sunday’s, after Mass, Trail Life USA is selling Hybrid Lights, including some of the newer models, and most are solar-powered. Stop by and support our Trail Life USA Ministry.
The Blessed Sacrament Scrip Program continues to sell Scrip Gift Cards after Mass, in the
Church Office, and securely online through the Blessed Sacrament Website. Our Youth Ministry has weekly Bible study and Youth Group meetings every Wednesday in room 5. Middle School students meet between 5:00 & 6:30 PM, and High School  students meet between 7:00 & 8:30 PM. For more information, contact Mrs. Limon or
Mrs. Amaro or leave them a message with the Church Office. Each Wednesday at 4:30 PM in the Chapel, our Blessed Sacrament Community continues to faithfully pray a Rosary through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. Join us each week to pray for the countries and communities around the world that need the help of
our Blessed Mother.  For more church events and announcements, visit the Blessed Sacrament Website. For
your convenience, these announcements are also posted on the Bulletin Board on the



​Mass Intentions for The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Intentions for The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
We Pray for the protection of the public servants of our community, locally and across the globe. For relief and resolution for those experiencing the catastrophic effects of war  and violence. For the homeless, outcasts, and downtrodden of our community and nation, and for churches and families who offer them refuge and compassion.  Let us pray to the Lord.
January 28th  4:30 PM
We Pray for the Repose of the Souls of Kathy, Frances and Robert
Dehner and Linda Kirschinger  
January 29th  8:00 AM
We Pray for the Repose of the Souls of Mark and Art Clemons,
Lawrence Power, and Clarence Foose  We Pray for Healing for Dana Rene Casey We Pray in Thanksgiving for the Vasquez Family Intentions
January 29 th  10:30 AM
We Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Joan Miller
We Pray for the Conversion of the Miller family
For all the intentions that we hold in the silence of our hearts