​You still have the option of purchasing scrip after Mass on Sundays and through the Parish Office.  If you choose to make your purchase through Scripzone, you will need to set up a NEW ACCOUNT using Blessed Sacraments name so we can receive the profit from your purchase.   When asked for a group ID use the words "BLESSED" so we receive the credit for your order.   

When setting up your account once you have signed in, please go to "My Scrip Payment Center (Begin Application) to set up an EPay from your Checking or Savings Account.  You can use a Credit Card, however, due to the 3% credit card charge, you will not be able to purchase cards with earnings of 3% or less .   Using a credit card decreases the amount the church receives.  


UnitedScrip welcomes you to your online "ScripHome" for fundraising. ScripZone combines the record-keeping expertise and processing of UnitedScrip's Software with our secure web application for ordering Scrip, 24/7, day or night, from the convenience of your home and with easy payment options. 

Thank You for supporting Blessed Sacrament Church

By using scripzone to make your scrip purchase, you save Blessed Sacrament Church additional expenses on time and having to pay shipping every week which costs the church upwards of $9.00 in shipping costs every time we place a scrip order no matter what size it is.  As a SCRIP ZONE customer, you could pay as little as $1.00 for a small order in shipping cost.  As you can see, you making a purchase though SCRPZONE saves us a significant amount of money and only increases our profit when selling scrip.  The percentage of what we make from your order goes straight into out churchchecking account soTHANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING SCRIP.     


​​This method of ordering scrip will open up the door to many more vendors than what we are currently able to offer on Sundays. You will still be able to purchase scrip cards after Mass but with limited selection and quantities.  We are very pleased to be able to expand this service to you and to increase our fundraising ability.  

Some of the current cards available after Mass on Sundays are:

Staters 6%, Chevron 1.5%, Arco 1.5 %, Home Depot, 29 Palms Inn, Dominos, Starbucks, Marshalls, Arbys, Ross,  Wallmart and a few more.  

You are now able to order scrip right from our website.  With over 300 vendors to choose from, it is easy and fast.  Simply click on the icon below and create your New Account.  When asked for a group ID, use the word "BLESSED" so Blessed Sacrament receives the credit for your purchase.  You will be asked to pay for shipping of your choice starting as low as $1.00 based on your order and option desired.  The cards will be mailed directly to your home.   

​Every purchase you make and every gift you give can make a difference for Blessed Sacrament Church. Purchasing Scrip from Scripzone will give you many more options to choose from with the satisfaction of knowing you have helped Blessed Sacrament Church by using the Scripzone Fundraiser.