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The Catechetical Ministry of Blessed Sacrament Parish encompasses religious education, sacrament preparation and Faith Formation.  We offer youth an opportunity to learn and grow in their Catholic faith, within the parish community.  Through the sharing of our faith, church traditions and teachings, we aim to form a mature faith life that will sustain individuals along their lifelong faith journey.   We strive to enrich their experience of God through the sharing of our own unique faith stories, as well as those of our ancestors in Scripture and history.  By breaking open and understandng those God moments, we will help the youth recognize the God who has always existed in their life.  



Fr. Eliseus Uju                                                 Administrator

Elaine Ashfield                                                Coordinaor of Catechetical Ministry

Elaine Ashfield                                                Coordinator Grades Pre K thru Confirmation

Robert Bowman III                                       1st Reconciliation Coordinator

Ashley Aguliar                                                1st Communion Coordinator

Terry Burdett                                                  Confirmation Retreat Coordinator   


                                         RCIA                                                                                                                      RCIA FOR CHILDREN

Leanne Duncan, Elaine Ashfield             Facilitators                                                         Astrid Johnson,  Estela  Thompson  -  Facilitators

Elaine Ashfield                                               Coordinator                                                       Elaine Ashfield                                               Coordinator